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Here To Offer Revolutionary Food Safety Devices, Nitrate-Tester, Digital Nitrate Detector, Nitrate Analyzer, Digital Food Nitrate Tester to a Global Clientele

About Us

Greentest Technology Enterprise is a proud holder of various patents, certifications and awards. Thanks to our unique research-based development approach, our devices are getting better and better year by year. We are recognized as a reliable manufacturer and exporter that offers top class Food Safety Devices, Digital Nitrate Detector, Food Quality Tester under Greentest trademark and brand name. Our devices help people to analyze the quality of products they eat, appropriateness of water they drink and safety of the environment they live in. Greentest devices can measure nitrate level in more than 60 kinds of fruits and vegetables, any type of meat and any sort of fish. Meanwhile our technology and methodology are supported by the numerous studies approved by the industry community and considered valuable contribution to food and living environment safety. At Greentest we always keep an eye on not only the latest research and technologies, but also the people's need that are changing over time. It allows us to develop new functions, follow-up the market trends and successfully achieve our aim of leading people to a healthier 21st Century lifestyle.

Why Choose Us?

To become a part of better and healthier future, our Shenzhen (Guandong, China) based company works hard to ensure top quality and high performance of our devices.

Our History

The technology was born in Russia back in 2000. Experts from Taiwan, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Ukraine and USA worked together to create unique and one of its kind technology to improve the quality of peoples life.


Our devices are multifunctional and available in multi-language, can be used as a solo device or together with mobile phone. Greentest devices can fulfill different peoples needs.

Our Partners

Now we are partnering with various respectful companies in Europe, USA, Eurasian countries, South East Asia and Middle East. But there are definitely enough unexplored markets.

Our International Presence

Today, Greentest device can be found in most of the continents, in chain hypermarkets, on-line shops and small convenience stores.
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