Why Choose Us?
To become a part of better and healthier future, our Shenzhen (Guandong, China) based company works hard to ensure top quality and high performance of our devices. 
  • Choice of different languages- Our individuals will definitely find a good match for your local market. 
  • Shortest lead time ever- Devices will be shipped to you within one week after the order placement. 
  • 24/7 client service support- We are always around to help you or answer your queries.

Our History
The technology was first introduced in Russia back in 2000. Professionals from Taiwan, Russia, China, Ukraine, Hong Kong and USA worked together to develop innovative and one of its kind technology to ensure well-being of the people. Then the idea was brought to China and further developed by the best industry professionals to reach its top accuracy.

Our Partners
Our company is joining hands with various trusted companies in USA, Eurasian countries, Europe, South East Asia and Middle East. But there are definitely enough unexplored markets. We welcome all the companies across the globe to partner with us for joint development and prosperity. Our partners get 24/7 support and can be sure that we will grow together.

Greentest devices have the ability to fulfill different peoples needs. We can consider branding our products under YOUR trademark OR logo, so that you get fully customized devices (including packaging, accessories, device and eve APP). You are welcome to share your suggestions.

Our International Presence
The tremendous & unique technological Food Safety Devices which we are introducing in the market have huge demand in Chinese as well as global markets because of their excellent performance. Greentest is not limited by language or other borders, because human health is international. Join us!